Monday, September 29, 2003

welcome to brisbane!~!
check it out, brissy ada tetamu! there are few adelaideans, and people from sydney in the house rite now. i spent the whole day with ili accompanying ferr, demot, baby and the rest of them from adelaide jejalan tadi. brought them to south bank, naik city cat and also to the sunday market at the riverside. what makes me happy today was the fact that they enjoyed n had fun. they said that brisbane city is bigger and better from adelaide city. [bangga skit arr.. hehehe] and also we got starbucks and 7-eleven hiyah. [damn pity them] sorry if didn't manage to be such an experienced companion. hehehe. at one moment, i realized that brisbane was not that bad. weather, interesting places, surroundings, sume just nice. kewl.

i'm falling in love with... john mayer!
heh ili. jgn marah yer.. but he's so adorable. his voice was exactly, no doubt macam dlm his album. and the most 'melting' part was the way he played his guitar and all his cute expressions. sangat buruk tapi comel. =) two thumbs up to him. see how lucky are us, we went there at 11am and they said the extra tickets are not going to be released yet, hampa gell. straight away, called ferr up and brought them round2 and we went there again at 4.30pm. and there were only 5 new tickets released and we've got it. yet dapat front seats plak tu. the view was crystal clear. overall, its worth it. thats the most important one. ya know, i was neither his huge fan nor memorizing his songs lyrics, but i do enjoyed his performance LOTS. sorry people but i'll keep mentioning how great he was for these few days ayy. because he really is. but nways, the happiest moment happened tonite was looking at how happy ili was. at last, u want it, u've got it.

i am so happy knowing that all my frens had a great nite last nite. mynn had fun at merdeka ball, and the others had nice bowling games huh? sampai 4 lanes tuu.. not to forget, me n ili also had an awesome time. =) =) =)

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Saturday, September 27, 2003

yeah, officially holiday starts today for all students at uq. any plans guys n gals? sadly, i have no plan at all. its all because of the $$$$$$$$$$$$$(-ve). but anyway, we'll be having the sports carnival in few days away and not to forget merdeka ball and john mayer's live. ermmm, sorry to say. the opportunity cost goes to merdeka ball. hopefully, i can attend it at sum other time occay? but yet, another stupid thing happened. we also missed the john mayer's since the tickets have already been sold out! damnn.. tapi, we gonna fight with our luck. if we are lucky, probably we'll get the tickets left but only have to wait at brisbane convention centre [the location] on the real day itself. hopefully.

hot, hotter and hottest?
well, its a one-week spring break. i might finish up my last assignment and have revisions for my finals. its getting hot and hotter in brisbane at the moment. ni baru spring. cant imagine how summer gonna be. sangat benci dengan my room rite now sbb sangat la berhaba. kipas sampai 5 pon tak cukup. not enough air laaa. thank God, it was raining this evening. i also thought of going out to get some fresh air tadi and we managed to hang out and had iced-coffee at three monkeys tadi. caught the last bus from west end to the city and went back home to uni. ahhh, what an awesome nite ayy? =)

ohh, have to wake up early tomorrow. a meeting / gathering / conference with beloved mr aziz, our student advisor and also all petronas scholars here will be held at an indian restaurant at west end. wats the name? bamba? bardha? damnn. lupa la plak. heheh, free lunch esok. toodles.

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Monday, September 22, 2003

happy birthday to my mom and my little brother, Hassan. [ lucky my mom kan for receiving the best birthday present that day ]. both of you are really special to me and hope u both will have another great and wonderful year. miss you heaps! may God bless you now and forever... amin.

i would like to wish my friend, sarr a very happy 19th birthday too. can't wait to see u end of this year.. take care and enjoy life.. stay sarr that i've known forever ekh..

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umno trip to toowomba!~!
for the first time umno club had organized a trip for its members. and we've been to toowomba - the city of gardens yesterday. we've spent our time there for the whole day. i reckon its worth it, coz we only need to pay $10 and went to heaps of different parks and gardens. the trip is actually organized due to the flower festival held at toowomba. seronok kan dapat tengok lots n lots of flowers. cantik gellll.. see how sweet are those flowers?

i imagine myself to be as colourful as those flowers.. ermm.. whut a dull life..

overall, it was a very long trip but i enjoyed n had such a good time. ermm, antara places that we've been to are Picnic Point, Queen's Park and Japanese Garden. hah, not to forget, we went to the grand champion garden too. it was a garden in a house, kira nye backyard la. no doubt, cantik sgt. personally for me, i rewarded the most beautiful garden to the Japanese Garden. at Queens Park plak, ntah camne rezeki us, we got into the carnival for free sedangkan supposedly we have to pay for the entrance fee. yuhooo.. there was a funfair too. ermm, ape lagi.. naik la one of the rides with mynn, helmi n sani. gile pening.. tp best laa for sure. finally, b4 going back to brisbane, dropped by at one shop ni to buy some fruits with cheap prices. just spent $4.60 and dpt byk sgt fruits.. seronokkkkkk... ni another pic of us..

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Friday, September 19, 2003

mamak nite
its the best time to meet malaysians hiyah. coz people from UQ and QUT pon ade gak. lepak - lepak macam kat gerai mamak. had roti canai, nasi lemak, agar-agar, cincau and paling masyukk giler is teh tarik. congrats for the good job, UQMSA. mmg sometimes, we need a break of having western food every day especially kitorg kat residential college ni. sedey tol kan. "huda, okla sambal nasi lemak tu.. hehe." najwa n baiya pon worked hard kan. to faiez, even ko dtg lambat pon, its worth it la. lucky you, teh tarik sedap. conclusion, its a pleasure 'lepak'ing with all of you. to all who are going to have exams tomorrow, all da best. i have finished mine!! hehehe..

"For those who are searching for LOVE. Don't go for looks; they can deceive. Don't go for wealth; even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright. Find the one that makes your heart smile."

quoted by : anonymous. check this out~! somehow, its true aight?

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Thursday, September 18, 2003

troubles? thankful...
sigh~ i've always had troubles with financial management course. but, thank Allah. i've managed to overcome all problems. besides, im so lucky have maosen as my lecturer. he is my beloved financial management lecturer. the most lenient lecturer i've had. very understanding and considerate. sayang die.. hihihi..

today is an ordinary day. nothing much special. ada class this evening at 6pm to 8pm. such a long day to finish. lucky me, tomorrow i will be off for the whole day. yea yea. owh. forgot to mention. my final exams timetable has came out last few days. i hate it to the max!! me n ili are going to finish our exams on the second last day of it which is 21st of november. and we'll be going back home on the day after which is 22nd november.. ala.. tak leh nak shopping2 before balik.. uwaa...

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Sunday, September 14, 2003

hiiiiiii everyone! i miss blogging hell. well, life was too hectic nowadays. i just have to keep track on everything. thats why i don't have that much of time to spend on blogging. we had a netball practice this evening and it was a pretty tough game. yeah, we have been splitted into two teams.. REAL ONE! its the time to be serious and kenal mengenal everyone in our teams. but, sadly, we had an emotional game just now, but its just the fact that no one in this earth who could play netball under pressure. aight? of course, at least ada skit la pressure tu. all responsibles are on us. erm by the way, good job team B. we can do it. team A certainly. no doubt.

starting from today onwards, let us keep fit. jom tambah stamina sesama!! the sports carnival is in two weeks. semangat, semangat, semangat! berkobar, berkobar, berkobar! [sounds familiar??]

yes, i have just uploaded my webpage. haha. at last, i managed to finish it. although its only weigh me 5%, it will still help me to get good grade right? amin..

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Monday, September 08, 2003

update my blog??
arghh.. been so busy these few days. sakit mata, sakit otak, sakit kepala, sumer laa. tinggal tak sakit hati jer. i've done all my mid sem exams. yeah! now, it's the right time to give the fullest attention on my assignments. come on salwa!~! watched aussie idol just now, this time was a pretty tough competition, and its hard to decide on who is qualified. everyone owns a terrific talent. seriously. berbakat gile la this group including the drag queen, courtney. hehe. sampai dicko asked him/her to re-enter again. wow wee... and again, rob qualified because of the G-FORCES. errrmm.. certainly.

becoming twen-teen~!
exactly 4 months from now, im going to turn 20. i dont wanna lose the teenager title, so im going to call myself twen-teen ekh? owh, by the way, i hope its still not too late to wish huda a very very

"happy belated 20th birthday!!"

it was on 7th of september, aik.. yesterday aight? thanks a lot for the treat! sedap!! dah besar huda, jangan nakal-nakal ekh. =) may God bless you always.. love yah..

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Thursday, September 04, 2003

~good old dayz~

all for one.. one for all..
we celebrated ili's bday at 12a.m this morning at hanip and helmi's room and i was so happy coz all 13 of us were there. see betapa susah nyer nak gath together at once ya know. and schlarpa joined us too. it was an awesome party. leen, mas n zed cooked nasi lemak with HOT sambal, yummmy. while helmi prepared a bowl of luscious nasi goreng. imagine la mkn 13 org. sedap giler.. had an ice-cream cake and also a cheese cake from delma, our cleaner. n not to forget mynn's cookies and dolah's iced tea.. hehehe.. makan-makan, tengok-tengok pics lama, borak-borak, gelak-gelak, nyanyi-nyanyi, guitar played by faiez n bday gurl, tetibe teringat last year's moment when huda, macho, adi and tapau were here with us. miss all of you nway.. =( overall : a very precious moment aight?

dearest nur ili zuhair,
happy 19th birthday to you.
hope u'll have a wonderful year.
enjoy life.
dun forget to cherish the last year of being a TEENager!
may Allah bless you my friend,
now and forever...

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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

"A lecturer was giving a lecture to his student on stress management. He raised a glass of water and asked the audience, "How heavy do you think this glass of water is?" The students answers ranged from 20g to 500gm. It does not matter on the absolute weight. It depends on how long you hold it.

If I hold it for a minute. It is OK.

If I hold it for an hour, I will have an ache in my right arm.

If I hold it for a day, you will have to call an ambulance.

It is the exact same weight but the longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes.

If we carry our burdens all the time, sooner or later, we will not be able to carry on as the burden becoming increasing heavier. What you have to do is to put the glass down, rest for a while before holding it up again. We have to put down the burden periodically, so that we can be refreshed and are able to carry on. So before you return home from work tonight, put the burden of work down.

Don't carry it back home. You can pick it up tomorrow. Whatever burdens you are having now on your shoulders, let it down for a moment if you can.
Pick it up again later when you have rested.

Rest and relax. Life is short."

today is schlarpa's birthday,
our senior resident who looks after us here at cromwell college. hope he'll have a very wonderful birthday nway!~!

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Monday, September 01, 2003

welcome back!~!
sigh.. last 4 days were too hectic and tiring. don't have time to update my blog at all.

cromwell ball - 29th august
that nite was wonderful! everybody was pretty and charming. since the location of our ball was suprised, all the way to that place "sungguh mendebarkan". and gosh, that place was very very nice. it was by the riverside, and situated at dockside, kangaroo point, somewhere near to brisbane city. besides, we've been given the honour to have seats with our principal and fellow high committees of cromwell college. kena la control skit behaviour kan. hehehe. to fazz, mynn n ili... ermm.. tup tup ball dah settled kan? kejap nyer masa berlalu.. =( it's been a memorable moment to be kept in our diary aight? cheers gurlss.. ops, forgot to mention, macho pon.. you look great.. nice haircut ekh? jambu gitu.... hahaha.. cheers dude!

kursus ilmu teras Islam - 30th and 31st august
alhamdulillah, selesai la sudah activity ini dgn jayanya. byk ilmu yg dipelajari, and insyaAllah akan diapplykan in my daily life and hopefully, ape yg kita buat semua diberkati Allah dulu, kini dan selamanya. everyone put lots of effort aight? i'm on behalf of food commitee members would like to thank everyone for your hands and support. ape kekurangan tu, will be improved di masa akan datang insyaAllah. and sorry for any inconvenience, nak budget for 40 ppl is not an easy task right? congrats to all for organizing such a beneficial programme successfully. we need this kinda activity at certain level of time to remind us of death and Allah coz me myself admit that i'm a normal human being who is always leka n lalai.. overall, it's worth it and good job brissy!!

to kimah - we are so sorry regarding your car. and i respect you for 'redha' with what has happened and InsyaAllah we will tell you the solution soon. see you around..
to umno - sorry as an ajk for not lending any hands to bbq.. tp alhamdulillah i've heard that semua berjalan lancar.. tahniah..
to ili - let's focussing on mid sem exams in few days away... walau sesibuk mana pon, takpe, insyaallah we can do it.. wish us luck..

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