Wednesday, August 27, 2003

money.. money.. money.. ohh.. money..
it really hurts while waiting for my next month's allowance. sakit giler laa nak survive.. owh, this weekend will be the most hectic one. and next week there will be 3 mid sem exams coming. isk isk isk.. heheh, fazz and ili are working hard to finish up their tasks regarding this weekend's programme. in fact, they are trying to do their best.. good work! while me, mynn, rabbit, dolah n helmi are going to die in preparing the food. kalau korg sakit perut ke per, it's not our fault tau.. ha ha ha. ermmm, ayam masak lemak cili api and ayam kurma, here we come... ~!~!

creating my own webpage?
know what, i have to create a webpage as part of the assessment for COMM2601. it weighs 5% only but i reckon it needs lots of hard work and effort. well, since i've got the experience already in managing my blog, i hope i can apply the same thing for the job.

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Monday, August 25, 2003

chocolate is yummie!~!
sedapnye makan marble cadbury while having a rest for a while after bertungkus lumus siapkan tute works. watched australian idol just now and.. uwaaa, pity anthony.. he has been disqualified for this competition since he came out in a radio session or sthing like that. it's against the rule i guess. btw, my guy was the one who qualified. yea yea. hehe. n shannon was the other one. but one thing i wonder, why guys seem to be more popular and has more chances to continue for the next round? why not the girls? ermm.. probably because the fact that guys own those three G-FACTORS.. guys, gurls and gays.. heheh.. peace guys.. !~!

by the way, to those who dont understand what actually am i babbling about, its actually regarding aussie idol which is now showing here in down under. alaa.. lebey kurang like akademi fantasia that has been tergila2kan kat malaysia. hehehe..

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waa, it's already 2 am in the morning. just done my cml online quiz, and i've done lots of careless mistakes. damn ekh.. sangat rugi, if not i can score much more better. but nway, i'll improve in the next one. aussie idol was on air just now, this time the competition was pretty high. most of them were awesome, but i'll go for both Guy and Anthony. we'll wait for tomorrow's live verdict ok.. yes, lucky me my class will begin at 2pm today. will have enough sleep then. nite nite..

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Sunday, August 24, 2003

and i'll sing..

da da da da da da da da da da da da

seems I'm lost in my reflection

da da da da da da da da da da da da

find a star for my direction

da da da da da da da da da da da da

for the little girl inside who won't just hide

don't let me see mistakes and lies

let me keep my faith and innocent eyes

my innocent eyes...

love this song much. innocent eyes, by delta goodrem, a local talented newcomer.

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just got back from da common room, watched people watching the haunting. haha, don't expect me to watch that kinda movie, those scary ones. but sleeping with the enemy just now was 'mantap'! spending weekend nite in aussie will never end up.. 'boring'. at least a movie will be showed on any of the channels either friday, saturday or sunday nite. that's what i like about it. this afternoon, i've been to indooropilly. again?? hehe.. had a half-an-hour make-over trial at revlon myer centre with comey and mynn. it was pretty hard to find the best that suits you most tho. well, i'm on my way to get over cml quiz, come on salwa!~! gtg now, since tomorrow we'll be having a netball practice at the very morning. hehe. a bit tiring la today actually. wanna go n have a nap. toodles..

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Friday, August 22, 2003

hi everyone! happy day?? well, mine was not too bad. woke up at 10a.m this morning, went to the city to alter my dress. did some shopping, i've got a handbag already. happy!! owh, today is grace college's ball and a week after will be ours. time passed by sangat cepat. can't wait to go back home! ermmm, got few tasks need to be done by this monday. my CML QUIZ and FINANCIAL QUIZ. hafta finish it up as soon as possible.

My Daily Horoscope for August 22, 2003

"Don't be surprised if you find yourself getting back into the swing of things slower than usual today, suriati. Not every day starts off with a bang, so don't be too hard on yourself for this. Just take things as slow and as easy as you need to and if you have a deadline, consider asking for a short extension. Pushing yourself to get things accomplished can leave you even less productive."

gotta get ready for usrah today coz it will be in our room. hopefully, we'll get something that's beneficial tonight and may Allah bless us always!~!

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im so bored like hell!!!!!

dearest mom,
thanks a lot for being around.
love you lots!
loves; salwa#

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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

fresh new layout
probably, this gonna be the permanent one. hehe. well, of course everyone knows why did i choose this new layout. =p life was quite dull lately. but, i reckon it's gonna be interesting starting this weekend onwards. lots and lots of events coming soon. suddenly, teringat ada apa dengan cinta that has been showed last monday night on SBS channel. gempak kan kuar tv aussie. that film was an evergreen one. even i've watched it few times, i was still enjoying it. pretty sure for other people too. but this time, we've had a little more satisfaction since the translation was pretty clear. ermm.. baru la paham skit.. hehe

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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

such a dull tuesday
at last i've finished all my tute works. nothing much today, a hectic day though. erm, just changed to a new layout. purplish la plak. saje for fun. =p well, im really not in a 'blogging' mood at the moment. tired already. i'll catch up tomorrow maybe. good nite.

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Monday, August 18, 2003

hi people! howwa u today? i slept early last nite, hey guys, what's the ending of the kid? tertido maa.. hehe.. yesterday was a hectic day. and tiring too. netball at the very morning.. pity ili my roomie.. she sprained her left ankle.. that hurts! so far, 3 gurls had injured. really pray that it will never happen to me. nauzubillah.. lucky me today my class will start at 2p.m. so, i'll have some time to finish up my tute and quiz. ili went to the city to meet up her cousin. she's not feeling well today, get well soon gurl!! yeah, can't wait for the live verdict for Australian Idol tonite. let's guess who are going to win? ermm.. let's vote for Axle and Kelly.. hehe..

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Saturday, August 16, 2003

"Your Daily Horoscope for August 16, 2003"
You may be finding that it's hard to admit to yourself that you can't do everything, suriati.
There are some jobs that you simply aren't cut out to do. Why pretend that you should take on another responsibility when a better option would be to delegate this task to someone else? If you don't automatically feel a strong connection with something or someone, then don't force it. Pretending that you are capable of something that you are not will only cause frustration for yourself and everyone around you.

ermm.. sounds pathetic yah? does it means that i'm not the right person to be a goal shooter actually? erm.. confusing. well, it's just a horoscope. we are not permitted to believe in it. but accidentally, it happened to me. saje nak kaitkan ngan my own self. ha ha ha. let's forgive and forget nway.. to all my friends, sorry for being so emotional tadi during our game. no one's perfect right? lemah la at times. whatever it is, practice makes perfect. i'll try to improve my skills especially those"foot work" thingy. Insya Allah. let us be great together!~!

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Friday, August 15, 2003

hahahahhaha.. what can u tell me about this pic? well, the ball is coming soon. went to the city this morning (tak jadik pegi stone's corner) and all of us have already got a dress! fazz, mynn and ili bought one and they really look pretty in it. like a prom queen ya know.. ahaqs!~! mine is on the way. since i'm running out of budget, i've decided not to buy it here. wah, everyone is getting excited and enthusiastic including me. can't really imagine everyone will seem to be soo beautiful and also different that nite. wow~!

well, Alhamdulillah we finished our usrah successfully few hours ago. listened to kimah's talk and pembentangan with full of satisfaction. feel so relieved and thankful to Allah for giving us opportunity and time to carry out such things. may Allah bless us now and forever, amin.. oh, i just made a call back home and received such bad news from my lil bro,luqman. he said that my other lil bro, hussin is in hospital right now. risau nyer.. straight away, i called my mom up, and she said.. he's been suspected of dengue fever and currently is in ampang puteri hospital to do another blood test. i pray for Allah's most merciful, hopefully nothing bad will occur. amin!!!

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it's already 12 am in the morning.. yummie.. had 'sup daging' with our own recipe made by ourselves.. good job ili n mynn!~! thanks heaps to hanip for all ingredients given. we just had to cook. hehehe.. we had a netball practice this evening at real uq sports court. its pretty hard to have a goal. argh.. quite bad la at shooting. but, i'll try harder. tiang sangat tinggi maa compared to a normal basketball one which we used to practise at before. well, ada masa lagi kan? come on salwa!!~!! but overall, it was a good practice just now. argh, tak sempat to pick up the phone. who called me up?? the number didn't pop up. nway, i hope the person will call me back. please..

no classes at all tomorrow. eh, not tomorrow. its today, friday.. im planning to go to stone's corner with ili and mynn to survey any suitable dress that we need to have one. well, hafta sleep now.. toodles..

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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

today is holiday!!!! morning!~! i woke up late today.. and i'm starving.. grrrrr!~!!! last nite was full of laughter and heaps of fun! we've been to three monkeys and had coffee together. owh actually, to celebrate mynn's big day. thanks mynn for your treat.. nice iced coffee!~! managed to catch the latest bus.. great hanging out with all of u guys and gals. by the way, since today is EKKA holiday, any plans ek? we actually thought of going to EKKA this saturday, but we might not going. has a meeting with MASCA regarding sports carnival. looks like no EKKA for this year jer.. owh nway, surely hiney has arrived malaysia last night. i envy her of going back home. but, she's going back for good. gonna miss hiney!!

"Why can't we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together? I guess that wouldn't work. Someone would leave. Someone always leaves and then we have to say good-bye. I hate good-byes. I know what I need. I need more hellos."

dearest hiney,
it's been a pleasure knowing you
for only three months.
all da best to you,
happy ever after yah?
take care..

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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

dearest mynn,
have a very wonderful birthday!~!
May God bless you now and forever!~!
enjoy your 19th ekh.. heheh!~!
welcome to the club!~!
love; salwa#

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Monday, August 11, 2003

uhh.. at last i've got an enough rest. had a long nap last nite.. puas hati!~! yesterday, while i was in the library mynn called me up. "ecah ajak gi nando's", mynn said. ermm.. yummie!~! quite a long time ago since i last had meals at nandos. nando's at west end has been recognized halal. no need to go sampai garden city. ecah, najwa, mynn n i went together and had a very luscious lunch. at around 2.00 pm, we moved to catch a bus to the city and then wanna go indooropilly. ahh, we missed the bus. luckily, got another 191 bus. on the way, we bumped into farid and rofi, if the car has enough space for 4 of us, takyah la naik bus. hehehe.. nwayz, wat im so suprised, i've actually got an instinct to meet rofi at west end. wah, instinct became true. LOL. at indooropilly, damn.. sales here n there. all stuffs were too cheap. i checked my savings account, pity me. only few bucks left, itu pon save for cromwell ball. hahaha. just had window shopping, while mynn, najwa n ecah were grabbing one or two clothes. *jelesnyer* at valley girl, we bumped into monica and streak(sweet couple at cromwell) were shopping together. both of them were too sweet. we also met shireen and nadia while they were on their way to the gym. the main purpose i went there was actually to claim pics i've developed. gamba lawarrr.. !~! the time passed by sgt cpt. its already 4pm, most of the shops has closed. time to go back home. bought a cup of ice choc at gloria jean's, again my instinct became true. i had an instinct to meet anisah and farid/umar at indooro, it happened! eventho i just had a glance coz they were quite far away, considered la kan. ermm, i love yesterday coz it was my lucky and happy day. i dont know about others, but personally for me, meeting people and frens is a pleasure for me. at least i can guarantee that they are still alive and happy at all times. kelaka la jugak kan? *gelak sendiri*

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Saturday, August 09, 2003

:: what's on today? ::

such a great experience!~! of course, we just merancang, and Allah yg menentukan. our car broke down on the way to Petrie, rabbit, ili, helmi, zed and me were in the car drove by rofi this morning. (kesian rofi since he didn't manage to join us coz he'd to go back for settling down things).. since the others continued and proceed with the plans, we were stranded for a while at Shell petrol station. but, rezeki was there for us. still got the chance to ride a horse coz at the time we arrived the place, there're still other horses left for us. yea!~! one hour journey on a horse wasn't that bad. the weather was just nice. sunny+angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa. i like it! the place was very pleasant. quite different from last year's horse riding. i prefer this one. hehe.. maybe, coz pegi ramai-ramai kinda having more fun kan. like ade aura yg best!~! sedang seronok-seronok riding a horse named chester, (rabbit jeles ek..) sbb he looks great among other horses, dah tinggal few steps jer to kandang die, kira nak abis dah la horse riding ni, suddenly, chester seems so close to this edge of wood, and strapppp... my shoe lace was stuck there. i struggled to get off my shoe lace outta menda tu, but chester can't resist to move forward since he watched kuda lain teruskan jalan, owh my gawd, dah la chester ni sgt garang n rebellious. he was so keen to continue his steps, unlucky me, i fall down wittily n irritatingly. sakit gile wooo.. i can feel that ili and ecah kat blakang either pity me or gelakkan me. hahaha.. siot gak la. tp it seems like the most unforgettable moment on horse riding i've ever had.

it's pretty awkward for gals to have a picnic without involving in masak-memasak right. but this time, wah, everyting has been prepared by the guys. thanks heaps!~! the bbq was very delicious, having bbq in front of a scenic view and peaceful surrounding. nice location ek.. had jemaah prayer together, got some food for thoughts from hanip, having some snaps of pics for sure la.. had netball with kak shima along, sgt comel everyone. hah, naik buaian (i don't know whats that called) budak-budak which ada two seats and kene melompat-lompat and terbang-terbang with huda, sgt giler.. she was so mean to me coz dgn seronoknye, i was terbiar tergantung kat angkasa n tersangat la gayat and cuak gell! no offense huda!~! hehe. tapi seriously, kelaka gile. everyone was laughing at us kan huda? tula, sometimes terasa gak nak jadik childish kan? i'll make sure kita naik lagi next time, seronok per.. wonderful moment tho. =)

owh, this was fun too! lots n lots of new rules, new strategies, new steps were given by kak zila. she's a singaporean, a very talented netballer, infact.. hyperactive giler. however, this coming sports carnival speficies only malaysians can join in. so, hilang la satu player yg hebat. but, still we got some other pemain yg gempak gak. huda, kimah, sarah, rabbit, mynn, ili, jasmin, mas, fiona and ramai lagi were very very good! just add up some more strategies.. boleh kot InsyaAllah. we gonna have 2 teams n i will be in another team, not with huda, kimah....... queensland needs 2 teams, we'll try to get some more players. come on gurls! join our netball team! erm, tak sah if in every game there's no one injured. huda injured badly, pity you.. tp biase la kan, kata nak carik the best player. so, ur the best la. hehe. nway, such a nice game gurls. keep it up babe..

~wish someone cure this pain.. durgh? abaikan.. just a quick line i wanna dedicate to fazz, get well soon. try to fight with the fever. to huda, semoga cepat sembuh jugak. AMIN!~

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hi peeps!~! i was on the phone with ferr few mins ago. pity ferr, she really wanted to come over here for the sports carnival this september, but she can't. why not? ermm.. if i can talk to ed myself, i'll ask for his permission, hehe.. datang la sini ferr, come n have some games with us, then can bring you along jalan2.. must be an exciting moment aight? nway, wats up for tomorrow? erm... yeah! horse riding n bbq!!!

hafta wake up early in the morning, n its already 1a.m. good nite everybody.. muahs!~!

"More To Life"
by:Stacie Oricco

I've got it all, but I feel so deprived
I go up, I come down and I'm emptier inside
Tell me what is this thing that I feel like I'm missing
And why can't I let go

There's gotta be more to life...
Than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me
Cause the more that I'm...
Tripping out thinking there must be more to life
Well it's life, but I'm sure... there's gotta be more
Than wanting more

I've got the time and I'm wasting it slowly
Here in this moment I'm half way out the door
Onto the next thing, I'm searching for something that's missing

Than waiting on something other than this
Why am I feelin' like there's something I missed.....

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Thursday, August 07, 2003


today is a great day! i'm in my beloved cosy room together with ili, mynn, fazz and rabbit, having some chats.. gurls talks.. since we have one-off day tomorrow. yahooo!~! while listening to beyonces 'crazy in love', i was checking my hotmail inbox. what an awesome news i received from ticketek news i subscribed.. john mayer is coming to down under!! specifically brisbane, my hometown! ahaqs~ the ticket will be on sale on 11th august, pls remind me of this. actually, i don't listen to him much and im not his huge fan either, my roommate might be, but heck, his songs are fabulous!! he's a great songwriter, plays guitar very well and also good at live singing. that what really makes me keen to go. he'll be on stage on 28th september, and the next day we'll be having a merdeka ball which will be organized by uqmsa. ermmm.. *sigh* money.. money.. money..

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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

"Save a little money each month and at the end of the year you'll be surprised at how little you have".
quoted by : Ernest Haskins

damn.. this is the worst unstable financial stage i've ever had this year! so many important stuffs to buy and events coming which need to consume $$$, if it ain't necessary, then it would be alrite, but it's not. well, referring to the quote above, i reckon we should spend our money now rather than keep it to yourself without doing anything, unless if you invest them somewhere.. ermmmmm, is my point accepted? ;(

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alrite.. today is the second last day of my school dayz. brisbane is HOT today. lucky me, i've finished my class, no need to to and fro uni - college unless i might think to go to the cardio studio. ermm.. still thinking.. i'll go probably. what i'm so proud of myself lately is the fact that i managed to wake up early every morning (is 8.30am considered early? grr..) and this morning, i managed to attend my only morning tute that starts at 8 o'clock in the very morning!! sounds good huh?

~people i miss the most at the moment~

Mr Idris
Pn. Maziyah
Syahirah Hanim
Hassan Soleh
Hussin Ali
Luqman Hakim

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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

zzzzzzz!~! hello.. makin maju tak? hehe.. just had formal dinner with mr begbie and fellow cromwellians just now. n suddenly, comey and ili ajak join choir cromwell, looks interesting, and out of a sudden, everyone of us joined in! again, malaysian will conquer the world! ahaqs~! argh, why fear factor is not on tv today? i wanna watch fear factor!! nothing much la today, life goes on and on as usual.. i'll catch up later. good nite..

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Monday, August 04, 2003

life is getting hectic. loads of works to be done. come on salwa!~! well, im going to have a healthy life. went to gym with mynn n ili just now, exercise skit la.. n then, makan pon kena beware. have a balanced diet la kiranyer.. eat healthy food plus appropriate exercise, InsyaAllah will equal to pretty good life. amin..

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heyyaa.. im playing chok-tai-tee or also known as society with ili, fazz, mynn n bit.. gile rancak sungguh permainan.. hehe.. sumerg susun strategy la kan to win! well, while listening and layan malays songs, kinda sedey gak la miss home gile.. haha!~! nway, tadi i woke up early at 7.00am coz nak pegi underwater world at sunshine coast. it was a great trip for me la.. coz i just need to spend $AUD8 as the entrance fee and few more bucks for the transportation. kinda sad to say, aku tak recommend sangat la for those yg nak bwk family to go, dah la tempat die kinda like dlm 'kampung' gile.. cam lagi worse dari seremban town.. hehe.. not worth your money i reckon.. tp to those yg saja nak abis kan masa nak jalan2 or mengexplore northern queensland, im promoting it to all of you! hehe.. i really admired the scary sharks! serious shit sangat mencuakkan.. u guys know wat, tetibe dah kena trauma macam im afraid of ular.. mynn, im in your club now. =( well the others were just like ordinary stuffs. nothing much la.. ade seal yg chomel, and instructor seal yg chomel gak.. ahaqs!! overall, it was very fun, hang around with haini yg bising n cheerful all the time.. thanks haini for putting me in! hopefully we can hang out at some other time again b4 u go back home.. huhuhh..

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Sunday, August 03, 2003

hi back.. just had dinner tadik at huda n kima's house.. well, lebihan mkn rumah begbie last nite.. b4 that, ade netball game.. practise for coming match inter state.. yg penting we, queensland as tuan rumah kene la hebat.. hehe.. n menang!! amin!! masyuk gile layan netball, pnat gell coz cuaca sgt sejuk.. so like, bertambah pnat not like usual.. it was fun tho.. pity us, dua org players were injured.. sian baiya n fazz.. both of them mengalami the same thing.. terseliuh n terlipat kaki.. serious damn sakit.. huda urut2 skit, hopefully dah lega n ok la kot.. doakan them.. nway, huda told me that probably, i will be the shooter for the other team.. which is GS.. tp cam nak jadik GA jer.. hehe.. mengada2 lak.. rupa2 nyer kitorg ade 2 teams for this match.. so we need 2 ppl for each position.. btw, i really enjoyed the game tadi.. nice game gurls..!~!

apart from those happiness, im so damn upset + sad + depressed + bengang + arghhhh.. ntah apsal ntah cam bad mood skit.. penat gak la today actually.. after balik je from huda's house, terus panggil dak2 lain mkn.. tp sedey nyer, mostly org pnat.. tp the guys were there. AS USUAL.. hehe.. biase la derg.. bab2 mkn jer for sure la kan.. ader gak yg simpan kat mynn, bit n fazz.. hope derg mkn la esok hari.. besttt.. eminem n alll rappers on air! ader sort like concert ke per ntah.. tp dahsyat gile la.. course languages n nudity cam gile babs.. tp sronok la layan them.. haha!~! ili is on the phone with nik, her bestfren.. i was on the phone tadi with my sis n lil bro.. miss them giler.. n lucky me they miss me too.. tak saba nyer nak balik malaysia, my home country... uhuqqq...

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Saturday, August 02, 2003

hello people! welcome to my page! this is my first trying.. hehehe.. dun expect too high from me.. im not an IT student as fazz.. peace comey! well, just got back from city just now.. b4 that had a bbq tp tak sempat nak makan.. as usual la theres lots some other ppl as well.. tadik, we dah survey from a number of shops.. survey what? hehe.. dress for the next coming ball. fuiyoo.. everyone is encouraged to dress up.. come on gurls.. lets be the most beautiful woman that nite.. =) pity me, we've found the least price for a pair pon dah $300. ermm.. lets think bout it. jahit sendiri la nak? haha.. kelaka la kan.. btw, keep it aside dulu ok.. nnt kita pikir balik..

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